At Isiqalo Consulting Company we provide fund administration, depositary, host AIFM and appointed representative services to a range of debt, infrastructure, private equity and real estate clients. We provide administration services to funds, special purpose vehicles, trusts, carry vehicles, co-investment vehicles and management companies. We provide bespoke services to meet our clients’ needs by customising our reporting timelines and formats to meet requirements.

Bridging the Capital Gap®
The reason many small businesses stall during the early stages of growth is not complicated: they simply arrive at point where their organization cannot address the simultaneous challenges common to every business. It may be a lack of private equity, resources, or discipline that keeps them from pushing through to their maximum potential. Isiqalo Consulting Company has the answer.

Small Business Investing: Our Private Equity Funding Makes the Difference
Isiqalo is dedicated to ensuring your small business succeeds by not only making sizable growth capital investments, but also by providing the best practices designed to help your company achieve substantial and measureable growth. At Isiqalo, our team of small business investors and entrepreneurs are passionate about the organizations we invest in. We recognize small businesses with the right vision and right potential for success. Our list of criteria for doing business with our clients is based on strategy rather than risk aversion. We want to shoulder the growth burden with you by using our funds to purchase a controlling interest in each partner company, guaranteeing our personal and professional devotion from day one.

Methodology: The Key to Helping Your Small Business Grow
While each business is unique, most companies face the same fundamental obstacles on their path to success. Our mission is to help owners interested in transforming their business by using our experience and expertise to identify and implement solutions that allow them to go further faster. Because we are entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand how to successfully navigate companies to and through the growth phase, providing expertise on how to best scale your company. The Evolutionary Process addresses the two most prominent issues facing every business and business owner: Capital and Time. Who couldn’t use more of both? By implementing Isiqalo's 5 Pillars of Business Freedom, you’ll gain the ability to stop working IN your business and work ON your business instead. 

Financials- Measuring cash flow against expenditures, identifying Key Performance Indicators to predict the future, and establishing a strong balance sheet.
Plan-Setting the right goals, seeking the right advice, and starting with what you can achieve today.
People-Identifying the non-negotiables, attracting expert talent, and permeating passion throughout your team.
Transparency-Clarifying internal processes, including employees in decision-making, and evangelizing your core values
Accountability-Setting clear goals and responsibilities, building out benchmarks, and routinely reviewing processes and people

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