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Our experienced team of consultants thrives on helping our clients make great investment decisions. We know how to customize solutions to meet our clients’ needs. Our diverse experience and broad exposure to financial sectors and markets helps us to source robust real investments. We can deliver valuable perspectives on potential acquisitions to help create tailored investment portfolios with a stable yield. Our goal is to provide investment opportunities and, when required, to manage them on our client’s behalf. Our consulting services provide a full range of services to buyers and investors. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to enhancing the value of our clients’ investments throughout the country and internationally                                                                         .

Core Values

We apply best practice corporate governance to all of our activities. 

We are investing in challenging times, when many of the old maxims no longer hold true. We are strong believers in innovation at many levels including staffing, strategy, execution, and structure, both for ourselves and for the teams with whom we invest. Isiqalo was built on the premise that the 2000's will demand new and innovative practices at all levels if we are to generate superior returns for our investors. 
 We hold all aspects of our business, operations and investment, accountable to the highest quality standards in the industry. We have created instruction manuals for each functional area of Isiqalo's business, which are reviewed each year and updated or improved as necessary. Every member of the Isiqalo team shares the responsibility for developing new quality standards, and for ensuring that these best practices are met.  


No matter where your business is right now, growth is somewhere just over the horizon. While your vision may be clear, defining the optimal segments and opportunities for growth - and the shortest path to them - requires strategy. 

A practical road map to greater success. In order to draw a practical map, you need to know the territory. The Isiqalo team knows your territory, and can help you achieve greater outcomes. Isiqalo in-house execution capabilities enable it to effectively exploit off-market opportunities, which tend to be more complex, unpackaged and require speed and agility in order to deliver. Isiqalo focusses on complex situations in which companies are less well suited for large auction processes and traditional acquirers are less likely to get involved due to requirements for active involvement post acquisition. The typical businesses Isiqalo acquires have long to do lists and the focus is on companies undergoing significant change, in sectors with strong growth dynamics. 

Social Responsibilty

At Isiqalo Consulting we conduct our business in line with the Principles of Responsible Investment throughout the entire investment life-cycle and strongly support the environmental and social initiatives of our portfolio companies We take into account all relevant considerations of responsible investing.
We assess our target companies across a broad range of criteria: Environmental: including energy efficiency measures, waste management, procurement of raw materials from sustainable sources Social: including compliance with prevailing employment legislation, health and safety, risk management Governance: including compliance with bribery and anti-corruption legislation, responsible marketing and sales procedures, supply chain audits, internal audit functions Sustainability: 
evaluating how the business operates in the social, cultural and economic environment to help create transparency and employee development strategies that foster long-term growth
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